Ikhtilaf, Journal of Critical Humanities and Social Studies

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Issue#2, Fall 2019

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Addressing Extremism and Terror: Critical Humanities in an Age of Confusion 

Untitled by Elyazid Kharbache

Feature Articles

  1. Addressing Extremism: Theatre and Critical Humanities (Sabine Coelsch-Foisner University of Saltzburg, Austria)
  2. Reclaiming Public Space to fight Alienation and Extremism Through Art and Culture (Larbi Touaf Université Mohammed Premier, Oujda)
  3. Addressing Extremism Through Literature: An Online Cross-Cultural Conversation on Mahi Binebine’s Horses of God (Habiba Boumlik and Phyllis Van Slyck, City University of New York LaGuardia Community College, NY)
  4. “Always the border, (…) you belong here, you don’t!” Moroccan students at Universities in Germany (Dr. Ute Kiefer)

Special Section: Creative writing

Book reviews

  1. The dead-end of Political Islam: ……… Review of Hassan Aourid’s “Al-Islam Assiyassi fi al-Mizane- halat Al-Maghrib” (Political Islam in Question, the Case of Morocco).Tusna, 2016. (Soumia Boutkhil, Université Mohammed Premier, Oujda)
  2. “Riding the wave of fear, The rise of The Islamophobia Industry.” …….. Review of Nathan Lean’s The Islamophobia Industry: How the Right Manufactures Fear of Muslims. Pluto Press, 2012. ( Oussama Boutehol & Larbi Touaf, Université Mohammed Premier, Oujda)
  3. Politics of Trolling, Alt-Right’s insidious extremism .. Review of George Hawley’s Making Sense of the Alt-Right. Columbia University Press, 2017. (Hicham Tizaoui & Larbi Touaf, Université Mohammed Premier, Oujda)
  4. The West’s Eternal Muslim Monsters …….. Review of Sophia Rose Arjana’s Muslims in the Western Imagination. Oxford University Press, 2015.(Imad Youssefi & Larbi Touaf, Université Mohammed Premier, Oujda)
  5. The Forty Rules of Love . Review of Elif Shafak’s The Forty Rules of Love (Penguin Books, 2015.) (Soumia Ben Rochd, Université Ibn Zohr, Agadir )

Special Section:  (Art) Tribute to Elyazid Kharbache


 Issue#1, Fall 2017.

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The environment is us: humanities and the ecological crisis

Editorial  (Larbi Touaf & Chourouq Nasri)

Feature Articles

  1. Traumatized Ecology: Ecocritical Study of Scholastique Mukasonga’s writing (Richard Oko Ajah PhD)
  2. Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s North to the Orient: An Account of an Aviator’s Emerging Environmental Consciousness (Rinni Haji Amran)
  3. Women, the environment, and the ability to act in Morocco: gentle effervescence (Soumia Boutkhil)
  4. An Ecocritical Reading of Poetry from India’s Northeast (Neeraj Sankyan & Suman Sigroha)
  5. Poetry As Resistance: An Ecocritical Reading Of Sameh Derouich’s Haiku (Chourouq Nasri)
  6. Recalibrating the Humanities for the Times: New Humanities 3.0 and Climate Change Denialism (Uzoma Chukwu)
  7. Disposable Culture? Worse: Disposable Culture (Mostafa Shoul)
  8. (مصير البيئة في مأدبة السياسة –  (يوسف أشلحي

Book Reviews

  1. -Demos, T.J., Decolonising Nature, Contemporary Art and the Politics of Ecology, Berlin: Sternberg Press, 2016. (Reviewed by Maria Kyveli Mavrokordopoulou)
  2. Lesley Head. Hope and Grief in the Anthropocene: Re-conceptualising human-nature relations. London: Routledge  (Routledge Research in the Anthropocene Series), 2016. (Reviewed by Nancy Smith)