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Ikhtilaf Journal invites scholarly articles, book reviews and review essays for its first issue on Humanities and the Environmental crisis. At a time of global environmental and economic challenges, there is urgent need for debate about the role of the humanities in tackling the question of climate change. In this issue, we aim to explore the way the intersections between history, culture, politics, literature and art can help us address the complex question of the dramatic global changes, euphemistically referred to as ‘climate change’ and open up new ways of thinking about the subject. Solving the complex environmental problem depends on cross-disciplinary collaboration among researchers.

The humanities enable a multi-faceted perspective of climate change. Reaching back into history for example can be very insightful. It can help us understand the way people dealt with climate catastrophes in the past. The ways that creative artists, writers, thinkers, and activists have critically examined energy practices Read more


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Humanities and the Environmental Crisis


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