What we do:

Besides research and publication, we are also active in organizing conferences, symposia, workshops and cultural events that target students, faculty and the public at large.

Main activities organized by the research group since its creation:

May 2014 annual (since 2011) Exchange Students from Amsterdam University School of Social Work meeting and debate with UMP students

April 2014: 3 talks and Workshops on Civic Engagement by Dr. Richard Kendrick, director of the Center for Civic Engagement at the State University of New York College at Cortland

  • November 2013: Talk by Prof. Soumia Boutkhil on "Challenges to Women's full citizenship in Morocco"
  • August- November 2013 Fulbright Grant for Prof. Larbi Touaf to study Civic Engagement in US Colleges and how it can benefit higher education in Morocco

  • March of every year since 2013: a month long celebration of Women's History Month through the screening on campus of a series of documentaries and discussions on important issues for our society (political participation, violence against women, justice for young women (rape and marriage of minor girls in Morocco) and finally an edifying example of an association that rescues abandoned children and teach them to develop their artistic skills.
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  • 13 December 2012 "Women in the arts" a multimedia artistics performance featuring choreagraphy, poetry and rap singing in collaboration with the Public affairs section of the US Embassy, Morocco.

    21 June 2012 la fête de la musique with students of Licence Professionelle: "Medias et Communication Interactive" directed by Prof. Chourouq Nasri (a musical entitled, Madagh Blues, a concert and a documentary) (Mohamed 1 University)

    May 2012 Journee d'etudes sur L'etat de la recherche sur le genre dans la region de l'Oriental

    May 3rd 2011 Study Day on the press in Morocco (Licence Professionnelle Medias et Communication Interactive (Mohamed 1 University)

    May 3rd- 10th 2011 A photography exhibit exploring socio-economic precariousness of women in Oujda organized by Licence Professionnelle Medias et Communication Interactive students (Mohamed 1 University)

    25 November2010 Organization of awareness day on MDG- Millenium Development Goals under the High Patronage of his Majesty King Mohamed VI followed by the organization of workshops and screening of a movie for over 300 Students

    June 2010 Master program on Gender, Society and Human Development accredited by the ministry of higher education in Morocco

    April 15th - 21 2010 An exhibit exploring the history of the city of Oujda, by Licence Professionnelle Medias et Communication Interactive students (Almaghrib Alarabi Gallery)

    News Reoprt

    November 2009 Invitation of Maureen Jameson Associate professor at State University of New York at Buffalo for a talk on: IT and the humanities.

    June 2009 BA program on Media and interactive communication accredited by the ministry of higher education

    Spring 2008 Fulbright Grant to prof Soumia Boutkhil to do research on gender at Rutgers University, NJ, USA.

    News report

    March 15-16 2007 International conference on Public Space. Proceedings published under the title: The World as a Global Agora: Critical Perspectives on Public Space In 2008 Cambridge Scholars Publishing

    March 9-10, 2006 The second International Conference on Minorities and Minor Literatures published under the title: Representing Minorities Studies in Literature and Criticism in 2006 paperback edition 2008

    January 21-23, 2004 The first International Conference on Minorities and Minor Literatures Faculté Des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines Oujda