Mission Statement

Ikhtilaf a Journal of Critical Humanities and Social studies is a refreed Open Access interdisciplinary publication of the Identity and Difference Research Group affiliated with Université Mohammed Ier, Oujda Morocco. Borrowing the word "Ikhtilaf" for its title (a word that means both "difference" and "differend" (french for conflict, aporia etc…) The Journal's mission is to stress difference in thought at a time that forced (globalized) sameness is threatening to stifle creativity, innovation and intellectual freedom. Our hope is that this nascent publication contribute to the rise of what is called "Epistemologies from the South."

Grounded in the core disciplines of the humanities, Ikhtilaf is an interdisciplinary journal that seeks to bring together humanities and social studies to stress the centrality of critical discourse in our collective response to the crucial interrogations of the twenty-first century. Focusing on North Africa, the Middle East and their relations to African, Asian and European histories, realities and trajectories,  Ikhtilaf aims to apply the distinctive research methodologies developed within the disciplines of the humanities in the study of a wide range of local and regional issues that are of global and trans-national significance.