Identity andDifference

who we are and what we do

The research group on Identity and Difference was created in 2006 and is affiliated with the Faculty of Letters and Humanities at Mohammed I University, Oujda Morocco. It seeks to bring together like-minded scholars from Maghrebi, Arab and Western universities.

Our purpose is to study phenomena related to literary, artistic, linguistic and political (including violent) expressions of individual or collective identity and subjectivity in English speaking contexts but with a special focus on the multilingual contexts of the Maghrebi (before and after the Arab Spring) characterized by the questioning of a number of received ideas about what is but also how both individual and collective identity is formed.

A new generation of faculty moved by the spirit of innovation in teaching and research in the context of the traditional university system of Moroccan Higher Education. We are resolutely seeking to (re)introduce philosophical, aesthetic and sociological debates into university spaces that have been exclusively dominated by a form of la pensee unique an ideological discourse that reduced every aspect of scholarship to echo the politicized version of Islam. Identity and difference is a general theme for our research and teaching, our aim is to open our students'minds to the wider horizons of unchecked thought and discussion. The values we try to impart to them are those of tolerance, critical thinking, and academic honesty. We welcome researchers, instructors, activists, artists...etc who wish to jon us from anywhere.